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“Great digital content is currency.”

- Barry Sutton


The big picture.

In today’s digital landscape, social media gives small businesses and entrepreneurs the same opportunities as global brands to make strong connections with a large audience. Compelling imagery and an authentic voice is your currency.

Businesses also need a vibrant digital ecosystem that connects users with the brand and services across multiple touch points. Your website, social media feeds and other marketing should be optimized to work together to support your creative vision and business goals.


“Thank you so much Barry, you are wonderful. I love these pictures!”


As a photographer and artist, I love working with creatives and entrepreneurs. I know what it’s like to build a business around your creative services. My goal is to create beautiful portraits and lifestyle photographs that capture the essence and authenticity of your creative vision, personality, professional persona, business or personal brand. was born out of growing requests from successful entrepreneurs and small business leaders, for high quality photography for their websites and social feeds. I bring the same critical eye and creative enthusiasm to my photography as I do for companies like Vogue, Bazaar, NY Times, Disney and others.

I can also work with you to create or optimize your digital ecosystem. From building a web site that you or your team can self-manage, to designing branded email marketing tools and upping your game on social media, I’ll work with you to make sure all your assets are working together to grow brand awareness, increase your customer base, sell your products and services and achieve or maintain a leadership position in your space.